Siatista from above
Different view of Siatista

Siatista is a mountain town (920 altitude) of the Prefecture of Kozani and is the seat of the Municipality of Voio and the metropolis of Sisani and Siatista.

It was probably founded in the 15th century. The first inhabitants settled in the lower district, called Geraneia. Later the inhabitants of the surrounding villages settled in the other settlement of the country.

In the middle of the 17th century began the great economic growth, which was based on the trade of the Siatist shopkeepers.

Siatista contributed significantly to the struggle in 1821. It is also evident the participation of the Siatista in the action of Rigas Velestinlis, with the publication of the newspaper in Vienna by the brothers Markides Pouliou “Efimreis”.

Siatista has been a remarkable craft center since 1600 and its inhabitants are engaged in fur and viticulture.

The expansion of their commercial activity to Central Europe and Russia, brought the Siatists in contact with the culture of Free Europe which resulted in the intellectual and social development and the rise of their standard of living.

The conditions of this prosperity contributed to the development of architecture, with examples of the Mansions of the 18th century such as Naum Neratzis, Poulkos and many more.

Most churches were built at the same time, with the financial help of prominent Siatists.

It is worth visiting the church of Prophet Elias with the representations of the creation of ADAM, the Second Coming and the ancient philosophers, a theme unusual in Christian temples. From the middle of the 17th century there was an educational movement in the city. An important milestone is the founding of Trapantzeio Gymnasium in 1888. Today the Gymnasium and Lyceum is housed in a new building “Georgios Pappageorgiou”, donated by the Papageorgiou brothers. Siatista raised great benefactors who built schools, churches, the administration, the hotel and the health center, offering entire fortunes.