The Mansion front view
Traditional dance group
Mansion room

Along the main road and going up from the hotel “Archontiko” to the country you can find the Tsistopouleio Dioikitirio, which has been used since 1966 as a City Hall and was built at the expense of the foundation of Dimitrios Tsistopylos and theologian Tsitomou Tsistopoulou. municipal plot, in the style of a Siatista Mansion.

After the Commander we continue to meet the Metropolitan Church of St. Demetrius, which was founded on August 5, 1910. The majestic church burned on July 13, 1912

From the next day, the actions for the construction of a new church began, the preparation of the plans was entrusted to the architect Aristotle Sachos.

The church, as conceived by Zachos, was a cruciform three-aisled basilica with a square plan of a tower, instead of a dome, at the intersection of the central and transverse aisles, and they had gabled ends on their faces.

To the right of the Metropolitan Church is the historic Trabantzio High School, founded by the Siatist Ioannis Trabantzis in 1888 with architect Costas Pipiliagas. Since 1990 it has been designated as a historical monument.

It is a building of strict rhythm with self-taught architect Costas Pipilagas from Vlasti

In 1906 the professor of physics Anastasios Danas collected the paleontological findings and created an interesting collection. Unfortunately, many of the palaeontological finds were destroyed during the German-Italian occupation.

Today, the historic Trabantzio functions as a cultural space, where events take place and the paleontological collection that was saved, which was curated by Professor Aikaterini Zografou, spending effort, time and passion. Source;